A simple photo history of the Danville Junction Chapter, NRHS
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Most of the shots after the first five here are from 1982. The others had file names that were not helpful in determining the year, but from the content of the photos I think it must have been after the batch of photos from 1981 but before the ones from the summer of 1982. So here are those late 1981-early 1982 shots first:

The scenery guys are at it already! The fascia is up and starting to be filled in between it and the tracks. The rails are laid on the mainlines (hand laid on wood ties!), and there might even be a switch or two built. The baggage room door is open, so this must be from later in 1981. Work happened really fast as you can see. Note the depot buidling where the future DN tower will be, and no mountain yet. I guess plate tectonics haven't made them yet.







.Here's master turnout builder Bob Gallippi working at what will be known as SE Yard Center. Sideburns, what sideburns?

Still no yard, yard throat or anything like it here. The mainline was the big thing in those days.

Do we still have that box of solder? Seems I've seen it recently...









Ed Davis aligns the bridge at RA Junction. There are a few cars on the layout now.

Presto, change-o, the yard is now in view and even has cars in it! Again, since I'm not sure of the date this could be around the same time as the top image, but probably later than the other two right above this one.

That's Stan Chausse with his back to the camera. He was always trying to make his equipment run better, but since it picked up off the overhead wire it was always a challenge.

Areas that we know now are clearly seen here, and even the panel top can be made out.





Here's Jesse Bennett helping Stan who is standing behind him. Note the wires over the traction yard, which are all gone now.

The area under the city is still mostly open, and you can see some of the track levels of the Central Electric.







In 1982, we dedicated the Central Electric in honor of Stan Chausse. Larry Prosser painted a custom set of F-unts for this road, and we ran them on both lines all summer. What follows here, without much more text, are pictures taken on the weekend of the dedication. You can see how much the layout progressed in what was most likely about three years time since the photos on page one.

Stan has his hand on the lever of the "Marnostat" throttles that we once had on the main panel, before transistor throttles and long before DCC. Simpler times for sure. But the locomotives you see in these pictures were all equipped with diode-drop constant lighting!






Rick in shorts says it's summer for sure!


And in this shot, Rick looks positively bored...


That's all of Larry's pictures. I just thought we should get some of these online even though they've been published in the Flyer before. And since this is a web page, I can also link to shots that I've taken of more recent operating sessions. If you have any shots you'd like to see on this page, send them to me!

Operating Sessions with photos:

January 14, 2006
March 1, 2008