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Showcasing the photography of Danville Junction Chapter members.

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Spring 2008

Well, the last update of this page was in 2005. That's only three years compared to the seven years before that update! I guess we're doing better? Anyway, here are a group of shots from Doug Butzow of the Chapter's Spring Trip on April 5th, 2008 when they rode the South Shore from end to end and back. Here are Doug's descriptions of the photos:

img 217 & 218 South Bend airport station
img 219 - 221 Various members on the train
img 222 Going away shot in the rural area not far out of South Bend
img 223 Meet just off of single track street running at Hammond
img 224 Pair of new KCS units at Gary yard
img 225 South Shore freight in the hole for us

(Click each picture for full-size image)



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