Rossville Depot Museum Model Railroad Layout


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DN TowerNorth of Stewart, the CI&E crosses the Wabash Valley Railroad at DN Tower. Here we see the home signal protecting the crossing, with the tower in the background.
Mine Tail TrackAround the curve from DN Tower, the tail track for Pickenpits Mine is elevated above the double track mainline.
Pickenpits MineThis is Pickenpits Mine. The coal from this mine contributes a large portion of the traffic on the railroad.
PickensThe town of Pickens is sustained by the mine. Here we see Century Furniture. In the distance is Pickens Tower and the crossing watchman's tower. The unit coal train to the left is being loaded at the mine.
Wynn's LumberAt the heart of Pickens, Wynn's Lumber and Material keeps everyone supplied for miles around.

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