Rossville Depot Museum Model Railroad Layout


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Pickens DepotThe Pickens Depot benefits from the afternoon shade of the 100+ year old oak tree behind the building.
Stone Arch BridgeThe ancient stone arch bridge at Johannot is between Pickens and Yard Center on the single main track. Yard Center can be seen in the background of this shot.
Power PlantAfter passing through Yard Center and by Bronson, the single track reaches SX Jct. Here, the power plant for the Central Electric Railroad and the city of Dalton gets coal from the mine. Other industries at Stanleyville are Chausse Printing and Block Cold Storage.
Universal ManufacturingAt the north end of Stanleyville Yard is Universal Manufacturing. Behind and above on the bluff is the city of Dalton. Beyond this, the CI&E reaches the end of the line at North Staging. But wait! The tour's not over! We forgot the Central Electric Division that starts at Stanleyville.
Shell RefineryOn the way to Dalton on the Central Electric, we pass the big Shell Refinery. Safely located some distance from the city, this industry is a major shipper for the railroad.

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